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Riptide Real Estate Investors, LLC has been in the business of building and rehabbing homes since 1999, with most of our projects concentrated on the Jersey Shore.  We buy less than perfect properties, renovate and remodel to rent or sell.   We build new custom houses for sale, as well as work with owners to create their dream house.   We have a strong investor portfolio, and invest in 20 to 30 properties a year.   Our mission is to improve neighborhoods one house at time! 








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Riptide Real Estate Investors LLC
310 11th Ave
Belmar, NJ 07719


Phone: 732-921- 8725


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Looking for a Surefire Investment? Join our growing Investor Group

Real Estate is a profitable and safe way to make money.  Let us show you how to make a guaranteed rate of return, secured by property, and we will show you how to make it tax deferred!  Contact Peter Matthews for a free Investor Kit now! or via cell at 732-599-9295.

Falling behind? Avoid Foreclosure and Save your Credit!

We understand that every situation is different and we are here to offer you an individualized solution.   One of our consultants would be happy to speak with you about your specific requirements.   There is no obligation or fee for a consultation. 

Contact us at 888-448-4330.